If You Can’t Beat ‘Em . . .

Join ‘em!!!


All those big box stores keep extending their sales and extending their sales. While I sit and prepare for my holiday festivities like I do every year (counting piles of coin like Scrooge), I guess I’ll fall in line with my marketing brethren.

Proof Rocks! Guide to Writing will remain on sale for 99 cents!


Crazy, I know. But I don’t want to look bad at the next American Marketing Association meeting. Or you could say I paid this little guy a visit . . .

Only one more sleep ’till Christmas!

Call me what you will, but generous and beautiful are the words I will use. If you need a present for your dearest loved one, or if you want to learn to write a letter to said sweetie, pick up Proof Rocks! Guide to Writing for 99 cents! No discount code is needed.

Happy Holidays!

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About Bill Antonitis

Mild-mannered English teacher by day, black belt marketing specialist by night! In addition to working in public schools and teaching martial arts, I also help businesses, non-profits, and other organizations tell authentic stories that help them interact with their clients. Traditional marketing is lame; we want to help your organization create and improve meaningful relationships with the people that matter most.
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