Nothing to See Here . . .

Here it is.

This is no big deal.

Trust me.

What?  Really?  Who am I kidding?


Did you hear?

Your favorite book and mine, Proof Rocks! Guide to Writing: How to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Grammar & Style and to Promptly Forget it All is getting updated this summer!

Aren’t  you excited?

We’re talking a brand new 2.0 version–refreshed, reconstituted, rebooted razzle dazzle!

More grammar concepts.  More study guides.  More better jokes.  (As if that was even possible!)

Do you think you can handle it?

Stay tuned right here for updates.  In the meanwhile, you can get your very own digital copy of my original grammar guide right here for FREE!

That’s right!  From now until the new, yet-to-be-named version comes out, you can help yourself to all the delectable grammar goodness gratis, free, and on the house!


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About Bill Antonitis

Mild-mannered English teacher by day, black belt marketing specialist by night! In addition to working in public schools and teaching martial arts, I also help businesses, non-profits, and other organizations tell authentic stories that help them interact with their clients. Traditional marketing is lame; we want to help your organization create and improve meaningful relationships with the people that matter most.
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